Meet Amma Aboagye

Amma Aboagye

Founding Curator

Amma Aboagye is the Founding Curator of the Afropole and will boil her life’s work down to one thing: value addition. With over 12 years of success building new and innovative products within non- profits, businesses and government organizations, Amma is passionate about using identity, culture and economics to add value to the new wave of Pan African sentiment moving across the globe. 

Following her studies at Cornell, Columbia and London School of Economics, Amma has worked in a myriad of positions from school teacher to education policy coordinator to her current role as Science, Tech, Innovations and Partnerships (STIP) Advisor at USAID where she works to promote STIP for development in West Africa. 

Amma is a fervent believer in the power of people to drive change and has been using various forms of media, including blogs and radio programming, to empower youth and promote meaningful conversations about the role Afrodiasporans play in their global advancement. In 2017, Amma launched The Afropole, a brokerage that seeks to connect African and Afrodiasporan businesses in the food, beauty and creative spaces. 

Amma is a self described “cultural innovator” and believes that Africans and Afrodiasporans have the power to carve a niche in those spaces that will propel Black people toward economic independence. When Amma is not working, she can be found dancing on instagram. 

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