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Girl Gone Global: How She Builds Black

Many people see the cultural rise of Africa as a trend. They see this rise in its fashion, music, movies, clothing and food, as something that is here today but will be gone tomorrow. However, there are people, businesses and organizations working to ensure that the rise of African and diasporan cultures remains a common occurrence for generations to come. Many of these purveyors of “the culture” are women who are building global businesses to highlight the value in African and diasporans cultures. 

One Night Stand

There is no escaping art.
It surrounds us: in everything from the fabrics we wear to the labels adorning what we drink. Black people have long created and revered art. Yet, from music to visual arts to product design, the gift to create art is one of the least valued in Africa and throughout her diaspora. As a result, our people have rarely successfully built wealth that we could hand down from generation to generation by pursuing our art.


The Shop Hop

African textiles are taking an important place in global conversations on ownership and culture. Given recent controversy with brands like Christian Dior and Vlisco, Africans and Afrodiasporans seek to have greater creative control and economic return from their cultural relics. African or African inspired textiles have key attributes that reflect African identity, heritage, ancestry and culture, and yet, the most popular textiles are not made by Africans. As such, there is an ongoing conversation about whether wax print is truly African if it is not largely made by Africans? 

WaxPrintFest 2020



The festival is a celebration of all African textiles. The purpose of the gathering is to build understanding and appreciation for the textiles and related industries that could play an important role in economic development.

The festival will explore historical underpinnings, current use cases, future opportunities for growth and intersections over time between African and Afrodiasporan cultural traditions through interactive and engaging activities such as films, exhibitions, demos, art, music and more, and will feature the premiere of the Wax Print Film in Ghana.

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